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About Me

I decided to share my stories, lessons learned, and humorous experiences so other parents know they are not alone. Many times parenting can feel lonely and as we strive to be the best version of ourselves it is hard not to get trapped by the unrealistic expectations we put on ourselves. Life is not instagram. Life has instagram moments for sure but the truth is there are also vulnerable, hard moments in between the happiness and perfection.  The more real we are with our own lives the stronger our village becomes with one another. Now more than ever we need to not judge or be judged. I hope this blog gives others a safe place to read and share their experiences as well.

About My Children's Books:

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I wrote my books as a way to show early readers that books can be enjoyable, characters can be fun, and learning doesn’t always happen in a classroom. I hope my book Even Pirates Need Their Sleep is an entertaining way kids can see how sleep is important and also try and figure out who stole the pirate’s gold when he just couldn't stay awake any longer. My goal when writing If You Are What You Eat Then I’m A Hotdog is a collection of silly poems where children and students  learn what happens when sayings are taken literally.

My Vision:

I hope I can share experiences and resources to parents in the Columbus area as well as let others know they are not alone by sharing my own experiences. I hope children take a journey into the wonderful world of their imaginations and become inspired to explore their own love of reading and writing. 

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My Family:

Life is always busy. My family and I are truly a unit of perfectly imperfect people who make mistakes and learn and grow each day. We are all extremely different and that’s what makes it even more of an adventure. As an introverted mom to three extroverted kids, I savor the small and quiet moments. I love walks, taking our kids on their own dates, Sunday funday (with ice cream of course), movie nights with popcorn and cuddles, and reading a good book while soaking in the tub. We enjoy nature and the beauty of a setting sun. My husband and I  took our passion for business and nature and started a cabin rental business. When we aren’t busy dreaming about what's next, we enjoy the neverending fart jokes told by our boys, breaking up wrestling matches  and helping our own little entrepreneurs with their new chicken egg business.  

Passions & Accomplishments

Title I

Reading Teacher

Worked with students in grades kindergarten to 6th grade on their reading skills

Columbus Moms Blog Contributor

Guest writer & contributor at The Columbus Mom Collective

Co-Owner, Nature's Harmony Cabins

Co-Owner of a rental business in Hocking Hills, Ohio

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