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Moms Need Extra This Year

Just like that...we experienced one of the most challenging and uncertain years of our lives.

I am just going to say it.

Moms need extra this year.

The past year we tried. Like, really hard. We outweighed risks, we tried to be safe and prioritize our children’s mental health as well. We worked from home while watching our children wrestle in the background. We encouraged our kids to hang in there for one more hour on zoom. We cried watching the news. We lost sleep some nights. We felt judged for Every. Single. Decision.

So this year?

We need extra love.

We need extra snuggles from our family.

We need support. We need reminders that we are brave and amazing and doing a damn good job.

We need rest. Our bodies are tired. Our minds are even more tired.

So I am telling everyone we need extra this year. Extra everything. Extra dessert. Extra time with close friends. Extra date nights. Extra therapy. Extra time to work out. Extra time to write or paint or do whatever it is we love. Extra grace.

Let’s all give each other the extra we all need and deserve.

Because this past year has been a little bit extra.

By:Melissa Burnett


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"I hope I can share experiences and resources to parents in the Columbus area as well as let others know they are not alone by sharing my own experiences!"

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