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Moving? Try these quick tips!

Moving can be stressful no matter how much you plan for the big day. Maybe you are moving to a new city and you feel excitement and anticipation. Maybe you are moving your parent, who recently became a widow, out of their home and you feel a mix of sentiment and grief. Maybe you found a piano that you want to move into your home that can fill your house with sounds of joy and togetherness. Maybe you are moving to downsize from your house after you lost your job and you are filled with anxiety and worry.

No matter the reason behind your move we know there are many emotions that play into that decision.

Here are quick tips to help you with your big day:

Cut back on clutter: This can be an opportunity to get rid of the items you do not need and start fresh. If you have children, get rid of toys they have outgrown. Go through your closet and get rid of any clothes that do not fit or you have not worn the past year.

Remember to schedule utilities for your new place: Schedule ahead of time so you do not arrive after a long day of packing only to discover that you there is no water or electricity. Also, remember to stop services on your current home.

Pack a Suitcase: Pack a bag for the night of the move complete with toiletries and clothes so you are not trying to find which box has what items you need. Plan carry out meals. Make life a little easier!

Label: Make sure you label your boxes with what room you want it to go. Label all sides of box or use color coded tape for specific rooms.

Fragile Boxes? Use your own linen and towels to protect your items

Visit recycle drop off points for cardboard boxes.

Make sure to schedule a donation pick up if you are getting rid of clothes, household items, or heavy furniture. You can schedule pick up from charities such as Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Have a Snack Bag and Water: Make sure to have quick, nutritious snacks like protein bars readily available on moving day and plenty of water!

Charge all your devices before the big day: The last thing you want to worry about is where to find your charger. You have a lot more things to focus on!

Let others help: Friends and family may want to help but maybe you need support in others ways. Instead find specific, unique ways that they can help such as taking your pets for the night, or taking your children out for the day, or running to a drive through for lunch.

Don't want any of the above stress?

Think about using a moving company! Research the best moving companies to use that are backed up by customer's reviews. We found a good one!

Bearded Brothers Moving Group, LLC are experienced movers in Youngstown, Youngstown-Warren-Boardman, OH-PA Metropolitan Statistical Area and Surrounding Areas. Their motto? Our beards are big, your worries stay small.

Not only does this company come highly recommended, they also are proud sponsors of Panerathon in the fight against Breast Cancer.

Bearded Brothers Moving Group, LLC is here for your family. They are a young and energetic moving company that seeks to offer a fun and personable moving experience. They believe that professionalism and personality can coexist even in the moving industry.

Their mission is to provide high quality-service in a timely manner. Their team caters to each client's specific needs to ensure excellence.

Their services include everything from residential moving to office moves, apartment moves, piano and pool table moving and so much more!

Have you recently purchased a large piece of furniture and don't have a way to get it back to your home or office? From couches to tanning beds, display cases to treadmills, Bearded Brothers Moving Group, LLC's furniture delivery service is always staffed with their professionally trained and background checked movers. They can pick up your purchase, load it into their truck and deliver it where it needs to go. Check out more at Youngstown Ohio Furniture Delivery

Leave the hard work to them. They will take care of everything including providing boxes, wrapping special items, packing your entire household, give you tips and checklists, load and unload in a certain order according to your preferences, and provide a secure climate controlled storage for items no longer needed.

Bearded Brothers Moving Group, LLC comes highly recommended.

These reviews speak for themselves!

Thanks for reading and hope you found some quick helpful moving tips. And if you aren't moving yourself, please check out Bearded Brothers Moving Group, LLC for a great moving experience!


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