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Our Top Ten Thanksgiving Sayings

This year is unlike any year for all of us.   Usually my immediate family hosts Thanksgiving and my sister’s family, brother in law’s family, and parents join us.  It is a day filled with noise, laughter, chaos, love, and memories.  Our boys love spending the day with their cousins and I savor finally earning a spot at the adult table.  However, as Thanksgiving approached our plans changed and we ended up deciding to just have Thanksgiving with our immediate family.

Every parent knows there are a million moments throughout the day with kids.  Moments that bring tears to your eyes because of the love you feel and moments you cry because its all so overwhelming and exhausting.

Thanksgiving is no different.  I wrote down our top ten sayings during this pandemic Thanksgiving to show parents that there are all kinds of moments.

Top Ten Sayings:

1. “Can I help Mom?” Oh, my goodness!  Two of my boys wanted to help prepare the meal.  Maybe I am doing a decent job as a mom.  Maybe they will be top chefs and make meals for their significant other someday.  

2. “The best part of a cinnamon roll is the middle part” they continue to bicker about the best part of the cinnamon roll, and each have valid points to why they feel that way.   Debate team someday?

3. “I hate not seeing family” when my youngest hears it will just be us this year.  Okay, this is good.  We are sharing our feelings.  Good job mom, they are going to turn into adults that can express their emotions.

4. “Mom, he stole my toy and locked us in the room” hmm, okay.  Well, we still need to practice sharing.  Ten more minutes filled with like sayings that feel like ten hours.

5. “Thank you, God, for our family” one of their prayers at our meal.  Maybe they are thankful little people who will go on mission trips and change the world.

6. “You are the worst mom in the world” my youngest one says.  Okay, mission trip cancelled.  New goal: just stay out of jail.

7. “This is the best Thanksgiving ever” mood shifts.  Everyone is happy.  I love these little people with all my heart.  They play for two hours together nicely.  Maybe we should get a puppy?

8. “Can you do a puzzle with me?” love the times I get to do something one on one with these guys.  Savoring this moment.  They WANT to spend time with me.  Someday I will be their last choice.

9. “I don’t want to smell my finger.  Can you?” Gross!!!Just so gross this whole thing has my husband and I on the ground laughing so hard we are crying.  What the hell?  Talk of how we do not put fingers in smelly spots and a good ten minutes of washing hands proceeds.

10. “Can you snuggle with me mom?” best words ever spoken.  I will snuggle with you all the days, and I will not even know what we are watching half the time because I am too busy thinking I am the luckiest.


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