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Seven Unique Self Care Tips for Men and Women

According to the World Health Organization self-care is defined as "the ability of individuals, families and communities to maintain and promote health, prevent disease, and to cope with illness and disability with or without the support of a healthcare provider.”

That is a lot to think about and we all have limited time so let’s get to the point, right?

We know we need self-care but what does that look like in our own lives? We have so many various demands each day not to mention trying to stay afloat during a pandemic. I’m feeling stressed just thinking about this past year and a half.

Here are seven unique ways to incorporate self-care into your busy life:

1. Dry Body Brushing: this is one of the simplest yet most impactful habits we can do. Just a couple minutes of dry brushing before your shower (weekly) can bring huge benefits such as helping your body metabolize toxins more effectively and discouraging fluid retention. Not to mention soften and tone skin (and it feels great!) Find a good dry brush to purchase and start at your feet, moving up your body. Brush your skin in clock like motions. Brush the limbs and torso. This takes about three minutes for your whole body!

2. Try Walking Meditation: Yes, you read that right. Walking meditation focuses on both your physical and mental well-being. Notice how your legs feel and other sensations when walking. As your mind starts to wander, focus on your breathing. Be deliberate in your steps, focusing on each step as you walk. Start out with ten minutes a day. You will achieve mental clarity and even improved sleep.

3. Schedule the Appointments that Support your Well-Being: Look for solutions in areas in your life that are taking a toll on you emotionally. Make an appointment for a Hot Stone Massage, Infrared Sauna Session, Float Spa, Therapy session, or take a new class.

Maybe there is something that is impacting your confidence. Personally, I had lost a good deal of hair after finding out I have autoimmune diseases. I felt depressed and needed to figure out what was happening. After addressing my diseases, I was able to experience hair regrowth again. However, for many people loss of hair or scars can feel permanent.

A unique solution would be to visit Ohio SMP Studio in Mansfield. They use Scalp Micropigmentation which is an innovative, new technique that camouflages hair loss in men and women. SMP gives you the illusion of a close buzz cut hairstyle on a bald head. Even if you are not bald, SMP can be used to add density to a thinning hairline. Using a specialized S.M.P pen, the technician implants pigment giving their client a natural and youthful appearance that restores confidence.

Ohio SMP Studio is conveniently located in Mansfield (an hour from Columbus). As a multi-award winning barber and over twenty three years of experience, owner Clayton Rush has seen every type of hairline, hair color, and thickness. Now he has the ultimate hair loss solution and is ready to restore your life and confidence! Kellie Looney has also been in the hair industry for ten years and worked as a manager at two of the barber shops owned by Ohio SMP studio’s owner Clayton Rush.

It will usually take 3-4 sessions to get the desired result. This treatment also works great on FUE/FUT hair transplant scars, surgery scars, and all other scarring to make the scar less visible or undetectable. Price is determined by the amount of hair loss or size of the scar.

If you are ready to learn about one of the fastest growing, in -demand cosmetic skillsets you can learn more by attending a training SMP in Ohio. Get in on the ground floor of SMP and become part of the LDRSMP ACADEMY Team with opportunities to move up the ranks and become a Master Trainer yourself!

4. Weighted Blankets for the Win: I admit that I am one of the world’s worst sleepers. You know...the kind that wonders about the world ending and decides to google everything at 2 a.m. My mind races and I can’t go back to sleep. However, we all know the benefits of sleep. I decided to create an environment for sleep (no cell phones or tv) and invest in a weighted blanket. Weighted blankets are thought to use deep pressure stimulation. They may increase production of serotonin (a mood boosting hormone) while reducing the stress hormone cortisol. It may even increase melatonin and improve sleep quality. Make sure to research size and weight that is best for you. Are you someone that is always hot? No worries! My husband opted for a cooling weighted blanket perfect for people that sweat a lot.

5. Laugh! LAUGH: Listening to a podcast while you are multi-tasking can make the work less daunting and maybe even enjoyable? Laughing increases endorphins that the brain releases that can improve your mood. While there are many great podcasts there is one we love called Smartless with Jason Bateman, Will Arnett and Sean Hayes.

6. Reach Out to an Old Friend: Let's be real, it's hard to find the time and sometimes energy to catch up with one of your friends. I knew my husband's best buddy moved and time was getting away from them connecting. Visiting his friend was not financially doable so I set up a surprise zoom happy hour with them. Think outside the box. Friends boost your happiness, reduce your stress, and encourage you throughout your life. Adults with strong friendships have reduced risks of depression and high blood pressure. So many benefits!

7. Watch the Sunrise or Sunset One Day a Week: I promise there are very few things as fulfilling as watching the sunrise or sunset at least once a week. Watching the sunrise or sunset gives you a better sense of gratitude for the Earth. It will put you in a better mood, and inspire you.

I know how challenging it is to focus on self-care when we feel like we are barely able to focus on meeting our daily demands every day. Hopefully you can use one or more of these tips and incorporate it into your daily lifestyle. The benefits are amazing!

Thanks for reading!

Sending lots of love always!


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