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Using your Deck to create Lifelong Memories

This post is sponsored, but all opinions are my own!

This past year my family and I spent a lot of time together. Although we had our tough days, the pandemic brought us closer as we shifted our focus to what is really important.

As I reflect on the past year, one thought that sticks out the most are the memories made together. A lot of those memories have taken place around our outdoor deck.

When choosing a deck it is so important to find material that is durable and a company that is reliable. Brazilian Wood Depot (BWD) is the Southeast's Premier Importer and Distributor with the best experience-based customer support. Brazilian Wood Depot stocks several popular species of Brazilian Hardwoods for Decking, Ipe Wood Siding, and Flooring. These species are some of the hardest in the world and include Ipe, Cumaru, Massaranduba, Jatoba, Purpleheart, Tigerwood and Garapa. Ipe is world-renowned for its incredible hardness and durability for any siding project. Take a closer look at their website to learn more about their options that will fit your need for any project.

BWD are experts at providing the finest hardwood decking, fasteners and finishes at the best price in the United States and they ship orders from their own stock in Atlanta, Georgia. Brazilian Wood Depot is proud to offer the highest quality customer support to Homeowners, Contactors, Installers, Architects, and Designers.

You can rest easy knowing this company has your back!

Your phone calls are answered ANYTIME! Their mentality is "if you get it right the first time, so do we!"

Let's take a look at how my family continues to use our deck as a space to create memories.

  • Morning coffee and meditation: most mornings my husband and I start the day with a family walk. After our walk, we sit outside on our deck and talk. Our deck provides the space for us to connect in the morning and set the scene for the day.

  • Stations to Play: I am a big believer that children need plenty of time to learn through play. When the pandemic first hit, my children had minimal online assignments so we had the time to explore through play. A lot of times I set up a blanket on our back deck with a bin full of legos and watched the kids think of endless possibilities. I swap out legos for dinosaurs or superheroes. As a parent of a child with allergies, it is a relief to know that Brazilian Wood Depot’s lumber is 100% Natural with no added chemicals or treatments which are harmful to our atmosphere and the surrounding environment. These species have adapted and evolved to withstand environmental extremes which is why they outlive nearly every other alternative material- no additives needed. They are also all naturally resistant to Rot, Decay, Insect Attack, Fire, and Mold.

  • Patio Happy Hour: during the pandemic, my husband and I have to be creative with our dates. We love our happy hours on our deck! We listen to some music (thanks Alexa!), enjoy some wine, and appreciate good conversation. We both agree that going out for dates is always fun but sometimes our deck happy hour is just as memorable.

  • Family Meals: from pancakes to pasta we spend a lot of time around our patio table. We incorporated game night on our deck as well. We figure we spend almost half our time outside when the weather is nice so we know how crucial it is to have a deck we can rely on!

  • Appreciate Nature: we spend many hours taking in nature from our back deck. Just this morning we observed a mom bird feeding her baby birds. In the evenings we look at the moon or point out constellations. This year has been a big reminder that we need to slow down. We don’t have to go far to see beauty that has always been in front of us. Now we just make it a priority to savor it. I love the fact that purchases of Brazilian Wood Depot also promote the stewardship and protection of our natural forests.

No matter how you use your deck one thing is for sure. You will have zero regrets working with a reliable and honest company such as Brazilian Wood Depot!

"Sam and Eric are extremely knowledgeable about all hardwood Brazilian wood decking and siding. The Ipe decking quality they showed is of the highest grade, and they are responsible Eco-friendly suppliers. Anyone who demands excellence and upscale decking, I recommend to Brazilian Wood Depot without hesitation. Excellent products, and responsive customer service." Matt Anton


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