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For Sick Parents With Sick Kids

When you became a parent it is clear that your own needs are set on the back burner and this tiny miracle in your arms is the center of the world. 

I'm not saying you can’t focus on yourself. Goodness I’ve learned that self care is just as important and will allow you to be a better parent, spouse, worker, friend, everything in the long run.  

No....I’m talking about when you are sick. Like throat hurting, fever, chills, achy, coughing,not able to sleep kind of sick. But that's not where it ends.

You have to take care of another human being who needs you more than ever whose throat hurts, has a fever, chills, aches, coughes, not able to sleep kind of sick.

If you ever want to see how far your unconditional love goes, try taking care of a sick kiddo when you yourself are sick.  

I’m convinced it’s a form of torture.  

It's bad enough to see your little one toss and turn all night in discomfort or throwing up all over you when they couldn’t reach the toilet in time.  But add to the mix that you haven’t slept in days.   Your body is sweating in places you didn’t even know exist and you can’t even clean the toilet without holding back your own gag reflexes.   

This is your testimony to your child.  This brings the words I love you to life.   This is the war zone.   The “I will be with you through hell and back” kind of moment.  The truth behind the Facebook posts about how much you just love your kids.   

It’s a kind of moment that you think you may break.   When you yourself are falling apart.   When you just can’t change another bedsheet because your body is ready to collapse.   And I’m here to tell you you are doing an amazing, selfless job.   That no one will know what it really is like until they have done it themselves.   That you will get through this and this too shall pass.  

For all you moms out there.. and dads of course... that are sick and taking care of a sick kiddo. Or a whole sick family.  Who can’t see past the next ten minutes of crying and throwing up and coughing.   

You know who you are.  But most importantly your kid knows who you are.    A selfless, loving soul that has their back.  

And that my friend will last longer than any runny nose or fever.


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"I hope I can share experiences and resources to parents in the Columbus area as well as let others know they are not alone by sharing my own experiences!"

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