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Shoutout to my fellow human beings as we try and find a new norm. As I try and calm my anxiety it helps to come up with some kind of chaotic game plan. I’ll try and give you two ideas you can do everyday. I don’t have much time to write so I’ll make it short and sweet. You probably don’t have much time to read either but here are a couple quick ideas we did today.

I put out some tape and construction paper and markers. And we started creating our own game board. Ry wanted to do a Minecraft game. James started working on a car game and Will decided to work on a colorful board. They worked on it for about 45 minutes (not as long with Will) and we out it aside. This will last a few days.

Next, we started to make a March madness board after they played with these little superhero figures named ooshies. They picked who was on their team and we started to “battle” out who would win. (Flicking them until one knocked down). This will continue for a few days. You can do a March madness bracket with anything really. When it gets nice outside we may do one with sports.

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Thanks friends!


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