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No More Broken Resolutions

It’s New Year's Day. The first day of a brand new year. A fresh beginning. Endless possibilities as we try and fulfill our goals, work toward our dreams, and refocus on what’s important.

As I try and explain to my kids what New Year's Resolutions are, I contemplate what my own should be this year. But this year I want them to be different. I don’t want promises to myself that will break in a couple months. I don’t want to feel guilty for not fitting in that black dress or not getting up every morning at five to work out. I want them to be attainable and I want them all to have one final goal: Make me a better person.   

So as I compile my list, I realize that it’s less about resolutions and promises to myself and more about prioritizing what is important in my life.   

And that seems like it can last longer than a couple months.   

Priority One : Appreciate what is right before me

Yes, I will try to get back into Sunday morning worship but church itself is not a resolution.  

Making God and my blessings are....

My life has not always been easy.  And a lot of the past I choose to keep that way.   But I can honestly say that I appreciate what is before me.   That my husband is possibly the most selfless, genuine man I’ve ever met.   That my family and friends are my rock.   And that I have been blessed in ways that I cannot take for granted.

Priority Two: Be Healthy

Yes, this involves some form of working out and for me I have never felt anything as therapeutic as pushing my limits in a 95 degree room.  But this goal is more about overall health.   I will try and make better choices for food, activities, stress.   I will find those outlets so that my overall balance in life is maintained.

Priority Three: Let it go

Walk away from negativity and situations that are not positive.  Surround myself with people that are real and not waste time on things I cannot change.   One of my best traits and worst at the same time is seeing the good in everyone.  However, sometimes  situations are just not right.   And being strong enough to know that...

Priority Four: Quality Days

Making days full of quality and not quantity.  Fill my days up with quality experiences that focus on family time, friendships, and what makes me and my family happy. We don’t have to be in every activity, go to every kid event, try every sport.  But we do have to make each day full of quality of life.

Priority Five: Take Risks

I have had the pleasure of seeing my close family and friends take risks this past year. To put themselves out there in ways they never imagined. They inspire me to take my own risks and work late into the night to make these happen. For me these risks involve putting my thought and heart onto paper. To expose a very vulnerable side of motherhood, being a wife, friend, and human being. Writing at four in the morning sometimes when my mind is racing.   And working with my soulmate on a cabin rental that hopefully will be ready for Spring.   For others it may be a new job, focusing on a passion, having a baby,  finding new recipes.  Life is full of risks but isn’t that the thrill? Scary as heck over those bumps and curves but totally fulfilling as the ride slows down.  

So make this day a day of no more broken resolutions.  But rather...a day to prioritize what is important in your life and taking those steps to achieve it.  

There is nothing more beautiful than a new day with new possibilities. And this is your year to make it happen your way.


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